Welcome to the Ideation Wikia

This is an ideation challenge that seeks ideas from the public, which is used as part of experiments in thesis to grant master in software engineering. The is part of crowdsourcing concept.

Please access the ideation wikia through your PC as some functionality to contribute is not supported via mobile.

I hope you to be part of my work.

How to contribute

You are all invited to participate in an ideation (idea generation) challenge. The below table describes the challenge specification:



Task Description

Devise the best way to lose the weight?

-You can add your idea by adding new page (from contribute button).

-All added ideas are arranged under Wiki Activity.

-Or you can edit/merge/extend an existing one to improve it (from edit button).

-You can interact with others by adding comments.

quality parameters

1-      All ideas must be written in clear English language.

2-      Contains creative or novel input.

3-      Expressed in short sentence.

Please fill the below questionnaire after you contribute, so that I can know your feedback:

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Cheers! CREATIVE minds :)

The list of ideas

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